Do you wish to switch to dabbing? Here are some of the most basic Dabbing Tips for Beginners to get started. We often fail to have a satisfying dabbing experience due to a lack of knowledge about the right use of dab tools. Consider the following dabbing tips before you confront the potent concentrates. 

Dabbing Tips for Beginners

1. Go through the dabbing technique video: Search on YouTube for ‘how to dab’ & check the dabbing technique videos. Visual representations have a significant effect on the viewer rather than learning theories through books. The videos will start with a list of equipment or tools. Successfully dab by gathering essential items like a dabbing rig, Isopropyl alcohol, blowtorch, Q-tips, dabbing tool, carb cap, and concentrate. Achieve the perfect hit by having these items ready. 

2. Dab CBD extracts: Fire or dab the small CBD concentrates in the beginning for a smooth dabbing process ahead. It will help you understand how much heat your nail or banger requires if you enjoy the vapour inhaling and the dabbing process. You can make hitting the CBD a daily habit to take advantage of the non-intoxicating boost. 

3. Control hits by carb caps: Carb caps are small glass lids. This is placed above the banger to minimize the air pressure inside it and the rigs. They work best by controlling the hits. The lesser the air pressure, the concentrate vaporization will be at a lower temperature signifying the much smoother hits & conserved terpenes. 

4. Keep hydrated: Inhaling large dabs or smoking weed leads to a dry mouth as the salivary glands get affected by the THC. It leads to fatigue, dizziness, anger, irritation, and dry mouth. We, as human beings, are 60% water henceforth staying dehydrated or inhaling things causing dehydration can falsely affect your body. Staying hydrated saves you from severe problems & gives you a fulfilling experience. 

Here is a list of Dabbing Tips for Beginners –

5. Find a calm atmosphere: A relaxed experience is awaiting you by choosing to use the dab rig in your favourite place with your favourite people. Entering into a peaceful environment like a beach, sunset, garden, etc. For psychoactive substance, consumption can positively intensify the experience by 10x. Moreover, the dabbing experience can also be improved by the ‘set & setting,’ concept brought up by Timothy Leary, American psychologist & psychedelic drug advocate. 

6. Purchase dab torch: Choose the blowtorch that has a high quantity of butane. It will save you from the rework of refilling it time & again. Also, find the blowtorch that can lock the flame or have the child lock along with an intensity adjustment feature to save children from accidents. Emit huge heat with a blowtorch to heat your nail or banger in just 30 seconds, making it ready for dabbing.”

7. Perform dabbing over a steady surface: Find the stable, steady, and best location for starting the dabbing process. After this, clean the rig, nail, or banger thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol or a Q-tip, rinse & let it dry before every dabbing session. If you don’t clean it, then your first hit will fail due to the grime combustion across the edges. 

The Dabbing Tips for Beginners are the first chapter of the dabbing subject telling you to correctly use the dab tools. Gradually, you will learn about the e-nails, terp spinners, & cold start dabs. You need to master these basics to be able to work on the high-level dabbing concepts. Smartly implement the above dabbing tips while performing the dabbing process else things will not go in a smooth direction. We are the leading suppliers of dab tools and dabbers. You can choose from a variety of options for dab tools i.e., stainless steel, geometric polygon, etc that are available in multiple colours.