THC concentrates are generally difficult to manage in comparison to traditional flowers, hence, dab tools come to the rescue. Dab tools are a tool used to put across the THC concentrate to dab nails making dab rigs easier to use. There are various types of Dab tools available in the market that can be purchased based on your personalized sizes, styles, materials, etc preferences. You can also use the dab thermometers that sense the temperature & accordingly provide customized alerts as per your requirement. It might turn out to be a very debated topic but most people consider dab nails to be the same thing as bangers. Your entire experience with dabbing can switch from 0 to 100 based on the dab nail you have. In this blog, we are going to explore all the types and kinds of dab tools available for you. 

Different kinds and most common types of Dab tools 

Here is a detailed list of the most common types of Dab tools: 

  1. Quartz Nails: Quartz nail is the number one choice among dab enthusiasts. They are resilient, heat up quickly, and can withstand high temperatures. With this being said, it also loses heat very quickly as compared to ceramic nails or titanium nails. Its exterior is very well developed providing a top-notch design like Charmers, and Slurpers that in turn provides ease during the dabbing process. Moreover, it offers the incredible flavour of concentrates throughout the dabbing process and makes sure to not let any outside dirt or harmful substances enter inside. 
  1. Titanium Nails: Titanium nails are a good choice but not the best choice when compared to ceramic nails and quartz nails. They are well known for various properties such as quick heating, good heat retention, resilient nature, etc. Titanium Nails are not much preferred today due to their various disadvantages such as staying hot for a prolonged time. Altering the concentrated flavour, and disturbing the entire dabbing experience. Moreover, there is a thermal expansion and contraction of titanium due to which there is a high risk of nails getting stuck. If due to monetary reasons you still want to prefer titanium nails then make sure to use them with DNail/ENail setups.
  1. Glass Nails: Glass nails are well known for their heat retention properties and for maintaining the optimal flavour till the end. It is comparatively inexpensive to other types of dab tools. It is so because it is prone to breaking easily in a matter of seconds. Another disadvantage of a glass nail is that it doesn’t come with male joints due to which it is nearly impossible to have cold starts or low-temperature dabs. All such reasons justify that the glass nails don’t fall under today’s standards of being preferred by the dab enthusiast.
  1. Ceramic Nails: Ceramic nails are considered to have better heat retention and flavour preservation properties as compared to glass nails. Although they come with certain disadvantages. The ceramic nails are shock sensitive and so it is not considered to be very much safe while working with them. Moreover, they take longer time to heat as compared to glass Nails wasting your precious time in the long heating process. They are not much found and purchased today so in case you require them you need to place a special order.

Various types of Dab tools can be easily selected based on their versatility, portability,  design, materials, size, etc. Quartz Nails dab tool is the best of all types of dab tools. 

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