A single dab rig provides numerous dabbing experiences depending on the type of nail you have taken. To vaporize the cannabis extracts/dabs, we use the banger nail/dab/bowl. Various materials like ceramics, titanium, and quartz make dab nails. Although, Quartz banger is the most widespread & ideal nail to work with. It is easy to clean, flavourful, damage resistant & possesses excellent heat retention properties. Heat the quartz banger using a torch between 450 to 600 degrees F & put the cannabis concentrate upon the nail surface. Inhale the vapor via the dab rig’s mouthpiece after the concentrate has vaporized thoroughly. In this blog, you will explore dab banger types & the various dab nail types available in the market.  

Types of Quartz Banger Nails & How To Use Them 

  1. Terp Slurp: Terp Slurps quartz bangers are highly in demand due to their unmatched style. Its design is highly effective not only physically but also functionally. It helps in the fast vaporization of extracts, dripping to the bottom & producing flavoured responses. The terp pearls improve the quality of these bangers. You will also find the airflow slits at the bottom of the dish. Its purpose is to bring the rosin to the banger’s original part.  
  1. Round Bottom: Round Bottom bangers have a round-shaped bottom field. Due to this exterior & interior design, the user experiences minimal wastage of rosin & oil dripping to the rig’s neck. The entire rosin ideally stays in the innermost field of the chamber to vaporize further. You can easily maintain & clean them using the correct proportion of isopropyl alcohol & cotton swabs. 
  1. Channel Slurp: The Channel Slurp nail operates on the same protocol as the terp slurp & is a variation of it. Although, there is a considerable difference between them. The bucket’s bottom disc has ridges making narrow channels for rosin flow towards the main banger. 
  1. Flat Top: The Flat Top nail has some deviations enabling a perfect blend of function & form because of the quartz wall around the joint or neck. Using the carb cap helps to form an air-tight seal. It works well with various dab sizes & carb cap styles.  
  1. Opaque Bottom: Opaque Bottom bangers possess quartz in their bottom field. Heating with opaque or cloudy quartz is faster than clear quartz. After all, it possesses the biggest pro of elongated period heat retention properties. The Opaque Bottom bangers are generally made by penetrating air into the quartz. 
  1. Core: The Core/Core Reactor banger has a supplementary thick bucket bottom and a puck. It is well known to support cannabis extracts by enhancing their vaporization process & heat retention. Cleaning prices can be pretty troublesome through cotton swabs due to the presence of a core at the base of the dish. 
  1. Thermal Bangers: Thermal bangers have additional chambers inside the glass center. It enables optimal heat passage, airflow & dabbing experience. The style of Thermal quartz could be a troublemaker while cleaning it. Flat Top design, dual wall design  & the ones with carb caps are a great deal to handle it, reducing the chances of oil spills.  

Quartz banger wins the race among all other nail types like ceramic, glass, and titanium. Once you understand How to use quartz bangers, you will be able to experience varieties in dabbing. Keep everything with you to enjoy diverse dabbing according to your mood, such as traditional Flat Top bangers, Terp Slurp, Core Reactor, Thermal Bangers, etc. We are the leading suppliers of top-notch Quartz bangers with a considerable client base. Get the top rated Quartz banger from our official website.