Cannabis enthusiasts are often well-versed with the guide on how to smoke shatter. Shatter can never supersede bud; it will always be the 1st choice for marijuana consumption. But, knowing about the various forms of cannabis consumption will give you a good smoke shatter experience. Let’s now jump into the detailed guide on how to smoke shatter. 

What is Shatter? 

In simple terms, shatter is a transparent or translucent concentrate. DIY individuals or cannabis professionals develop it by dipping the cannabis material in solvents such as butane, isopropyl alcohol, CO2, drinking alcohol, or icy water. The shatter resembles a Jolly Rancher or rock candy. The final result provides the amber liquid and it is further cooled down. Then, it is solidified to get the product of a thin peanut brittle thickness. The molecular alignment of perfectly piled up bricks on the shatter resembles a wall, causing it to become brittle when light passes through.

The Difference Between Shatter And Wax 

Shatter, Budder, Wax, Crumble, and Honeycomb are the different forms of Cannabis concentrates with similar CBD or THC potency. Here is the distinction between a wax & shatter –

  • Wax is pliable and convenient to use, handle & measure. Shatter on the other hand is fragile, breakable & problematic to control and measure. 
  • Wax is generally opaque & has a similar appearance as the solid cold coconut oil. Shatter is brittle & clear. 
  • Wax is prone to degradation & lacks stability. Shatter is comparatively stable & durable. 
  • The production of shatter is tricky whereas wax production is simple.
  • Lego blocks inside wax are disordered, messy, and cluttered, whereas the Lego blocks inside shatter are neatly piled up in rows. 

Guide on How To Smoke Shatter

Here is the detailed process to smoke the shatter –

  1. Dab Rig: Cannabis concentrate consumption is mostly done by dabbing through a dab rig and its entire objective is to burn concentrates. Dab rigs generally consist of a dome and a nail to allow the smoke to shatter. To vaporize the shatter and convert it into smoke, heat the nail with a blowtorch and place the shatter inside it with a dome cover. The dome stores any remaining elements. Use a dab rig mouth to inhale bringing vapour towards you in your lungs via the water chamber. 
  1. Blunt, Joint, or Spliff: Another useful method to smoke shatter is by incorporating some amount of shatter into a blunt, joint, or spliff. Many people incorporate shatter during the pre-rolled blunts. The shatter needs to be broken into tiny pieces & 3 or 4 of it has to be sprinkled on the bud. You need to dismantle, sprinkle as well as reroll it to make the smoke shatter process simple. 
  1. Bong: Use the below guide on how to smoke shatter using a bong cannabis tool: 
  • Bowl has to be filled more than half. 
  • Put in the tiny shattered pieces. 
  • Use a ground bud to fill in the remaining bowl. 
  • Light it up to proceed ahead. 
  1. Vape Pen: Shatter can be vaporized using a vape pen. Various portable vaporizers tolerate pre-filled cartridges or burn vape juices only. You need to adjust numerous settings along with an abrupt learning curve in a vape pen before smoking. The quality Vape pen is costly but helps in increasing or decreasing heat for vaporizing multiple concentrated forms. 

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