With the emerging technology, the mindset of people is also evolving towards accepting dabbing. Due to this, the dabbers can experience a clean & flavorful taste with the improved range of the latest products. The size of a banger plays a vital role for a smoker to avoid any regrets later on. For example, if you prefer micro dab rig sessions, then 10mm quartz bangers are an ideal choice. If you choose the macro dab rigs, the size will alter accordingly. You will come across distinctive Quartz Banger Types and Sizes, so making the wrong choice due to confusion is very much forecasted. But, say no to worries, as we will cover a detailed description of this subject through this blog. 

What are Quartz Bangers?

Quartz bangers are generally a type of dish that helps in expediting the concentrate vaporization process on a bong or a dab rig. You might find these Quartz bangers commonly in the circle shape but are also available in multiple materials, sizes & designs. People often prefer Quartz Banger over ceramic, glass, and titanium for dabbing as it can withstand ultra-low temperatures & high amounts of heat. It possesses all the qualities of glass, but it’s a more long-lasting mineral comparatively. 

Quartz Banger Types and Sizes

There are three different types of quartz bangers, as mentioned below: 

1. Quartz thermal bangers:

The thermal bangers have a built-in inner bowl & which acts as a double-paned window. Such features allow it to retain heat through an insulated air pocket. The hotness of the bowl stays intact for a long duration as its exposure to ambient temperatures gets restricted. 

The Quartz Thermal Bangers we provide are undoubtedly in demand due to their authentic & high-quality quartz pieces. You need to take special care while cleaning it to restrain it from accumulating unwanted dirt inside them. They are generally 25mm in diameter, making them the ideal choice for dab enthusiasts. 

2. Quartz banger buckets:

These are created from medical-grade quartz that accomplishes tasks within low heat, giving the best flavour. Our Quartz banger buckets can be purchased per your requirement from the pool of multiple sizes. You can also buy the contrasting Quartz Carb Caps to give way to low-temperature dabs & heat retention enhancement. 

The entire dab gets prepared within 10 seconds as the standard 2mm Quartz Banger gets heated quickly. Its durability can’t be questioned as it’s top-notch compared to ceramic & glass. The best-chosen size available with us is the Quartz Banger 14mm male size which allows you to experience the best heat retention. They are also available in the 10mm & 18mm sizes male/female at 90 degrees & 45 degrees. 

3. Quartz flat-top bangers:

The Quartz Flat Top Banger has an exceptionally high level of popularity compared to other types of bangers. With one-time torch usage, the user can expect numerous quality hits. The dabbing enthusiast highly appreciates flat-top bangers. There are various sizes in which it is available such as 20mm, 25mm, and 30mm big buckets. 

Various accessories for dabbing, such as Quartz Insert Dishes, quartz drop-ins & Terp Pearls, can be used with the quartz flat top bangers having the size 25mm & 30mm. The styles available for the 25mm bucket are a core style, a regular Flat Top, and an opaque-bottomed Flat Top. They provide the heightened inner platform at the bucket’s middle area, supporting high-end heat retention. 

Quartz Banger is a life-saviour product for dabbers. With its flavour retention, clean taste, & durability features, it has won the hearts of thousands of smokers. Being the leading suppliers of Quartz Banger, we have strengthened our relationship with the clients. You will find multiple high-quality Quartz Banger Types and Sizes with us. Explore our web page if you are searching for Quartz Banger 14mm male or others.