Terp Slurper is a modern accessory in the dabbing market that is worth every hype. It takes your dabbing to a whole new level giving you an impeccable experience. Terp Slurper is readily available in the market in varied sizes and materials. Make sure its size is compatible with your dab rig. You can also purchase terp slurpers in varied materials such as quartz, borosilicate, Glass Banger, etc, among which quartz material is the most preferred one. In this blog, we will discuss how does a Terp Slurper works.

How Does a Terp Slurper Work?

A Terp Slurper consists of a bucket-shaped apparatus with a central cylinder extending to its base, facilitating low-temperature dabbing. Due to the low temperature, dab enthusiasts get the maximum plant terpenes leading to the best flavors & mouthwatering taste. It saves you from wasting your concentrate making it perfect for bigger dabs. Moreover, there is minimal to no emission of benzene during the process saving your respiratory system & from other health problems. If you are a beginner to terp slurper, then you need to be extremely careful while handling it. As a newbie, you might not be used to greater potency with every hit you take. These hits are highly robust and larger doses of it lead to extreme health problems.

To effectively use the terp slurper, add the desired quantity of Terp pearls in the bottom area of a banger. As soon as you add them, it will settle silently without moving here and there. Heat the banger to the desired temperature using a torch, which is quite longer than the standard banger. If you need accurate temperature, then purchase the best dab tool from us i.e… a digital thermometer. The heating of bangers should be between 1 minute to 1.5 minutes. To achieve maximum heat in the dish area of a banger, the Terp Slurper operates systematically. It begins with pouring concentrates onto the hot nail, which subsequently vaporize. This vaporization process creates a suction effect, pulling the vapors upward. The swirling will take place with the warm terp pearls that keep the glob as warm as possible. This entire process takes place inside the cylinder which justifies its role as a chimney.

Furthermore, the temperature of the cylinder needs to be accurate during the entire dabbing session. It ensures optimal utilization of all concentrates. People often use one of the best dab tools from us i.e., carb cap or marbles that cover the topfield of the banger providing a tight seal. It helps to control the airflow and the airflow slits further are beneficial to enhance the effectiveness of the entire procedure.

As a consequence, resources are utilized optimally with no wastage, and each hit produces substantial vapor. You can also use these terp slurpers with the enail by attaching a coil in the bottom area of the slurper and then putting it to the right temperature. Also, take care of cleaning it appropriately using the isopropyl alcohol solution once you’re done dabbing.

Terp Slurper has made the life of every dabber easy and joyful. We hope that the blog above helped you understand how does a Terp Slurper works and stay connected with every process of dabbing. If you are looking for a top-notch Terp Slurper, then look at none other than our company. Some of our best-selling products are Tower Terp Slurper, Xxl Terp Slurper, etc. We also offer world-class Terp pearls, glass banger, and other relevant Dab tools, to make your dabbing experience worth the investment.