Quartz bangers are a brilliant way to do dabbing. It not only helps in even heating of concentrates but also ensures to maintain of the terpene-rich flavour, unlike the glass banger. There are majorly two types of dabbing styles i.e., low-temperature dabbing performed at 315 to 450 degrees & high-temperature dabbing performed at 450 to 600 degrees. Also note that anything done below 315 degrees will lead to no or least vapour due to the inactivation of compounds. In contrast to this, anything done above 600 degrees might burn numerous compounds from the concentrates leading to bitterness & foul taste deteriorating the entire dabbing experience. But, How To Use a Quartz Banger? In this blog, we have covered an in-depth guide on how to use a Quartz Banger to make your upcoming dabbing sessions hassle-free

How To Use a Quartz Banger?
You can use the quartz banger by following the four simple steps:

Step-1: Heat the banger thoroughly using an enail or a butane torch. You will be notified differently in each case. In case you heat up through enail, you will get a notification when it has reached the intended temperature. Enail is the electronic device that is frequently chosen by dab enthusiasts. It requires less effort & gives accurate temperature control. In case you use the torch, it takes around 35 seconds to 45 seconds for the banger to heat up thoroughly. It manually supplies the heat in a banger. After this is done, you need to wait for 30 to 50 seconds so that the banger can completely cool down.

Note: Take note of the total time taken by the banger to heat up as well as cool down to its desired temperature. Whenever you conduct the session again there is no waste of time in understanding the temperature.

Step-2: Straightaway starts the process of concentrate transfer to the banger using a dab tool. The banger must have gone through the proper heating & cooling process before starting the concentrate transfer. Based on the exact shape & size of a banger you can decide the total amount of concentrate required by it. Make sure to put your concentrate carefully on the base of your banger. If not done properly it would lead to getting stuck on the sides of the banger leading to gunk & creating hindrance in the proper vaporization process. Meanwhile do not attempt to fill your banger to the top else it would lead to severe repercussions later.

Step-3: In the last second step you can start taking the hits. Also, make sure that before you take the hit you need to place the carb cap over the upper side of the banger. To ensure experiencing the concentrated hits, carb caps play a vital role. It does so by increasing the overall airflow inside the banger. The dabbing sessions should be different for the experienced ones as well as the freshers. In case you’re a beginner, we recommend you take only one puff in each session. Gradually you can increase this number once you get used to it.

Step-4: Clean the banger after every session using water, salt & isopropyl alcohol for 30 minutes. Then, finally swipe it up with cotton swabs.
Make sure you deeply understand the procedure of how to use a Quartz Banger before trying it. It will smoothen the entire dabbing process with low to no scope of errors. At the same time, the quality of the quartz bangers largely contributes to having the best dabbing experience. Here is how we can help you. We are the leading suppliers of high-quality quartz bangers. You can try our best-selling products such as auto spinner quartz banger, saturn quartz banger, etc. Choose based on your style, design & size preferences from our online store.