How to use terp pearls in 2023? Terp pearls are small balls that you can add to various types of smoke materials. They are available in numerous shapes as well as colours. Choose the one that looks more appealing to your eyes & enjoy its mesmerizing effects during the time you hit it. But how it helps? It helps by providing additional strength and flavour to your item. It’s also best for smoking people or weed addicts as it takes their overall experience of smoking to a new level. You just have to add a few terp pearls to your joint and see how pleasing it gets for you.

It’s best known for providing big clouds and flavour to your hits. You can reuse your dabs while conserving your dabs. The quartz bangers as well as the old titanium can get recycled this way. Users often get confused on the topic of How to use terp pearls effectively? Well, not to worry at all we have got it covered in the article today. But, before we got ahead, let’s understand the meaning of terp pearls. 

What are terp pearls? 

The small balls sized 4 mm to 6 mm and weighing 1 mg to 30 mg circle inside the banger made of borosilicate glass, cannabis oil, silicone, & quartz are known as terp pearls. It makes the entire dabbing process at low temperatures easy & expands the airflow. When the spinning is done consistently, the concentrate cools down, heat gets evenly spread and terpenes are conserved. Most of the terp pearls are of the same size as the banger residing in the bottom field. Whereas, other terp pearls have a hole in their central location making it simple to add them. It is best to put the terp pearls inside the quartz bangers due to their heat-resistant feature and the banger’s overall structure helps to cope with the low temperatures. Such a process effectively helps in the preservation of terpenes during the dabbing activity. 

How to use terp pearls in 2023?

Once you learn about How to use terp pearls, you will understand their vitality. There are two different ways to use the terp pearls in 2023. The first way is to put the terp pearls inside the banger and then heat it. The second way is to heat the banger and then put the terp pearls inside it. This second method is used when the terp pearls are not able to withstand excessive heat. Use the heat-resistant glove for your safety while heating the banger & avoid doing such activities near flammable areas. 

Among these two alternatives, the most commonly used method is heating the banger that already comprises terp pearls. Put the heated terp pearls as per your requirement inside the dab and cover them up with a carb cap. The terp pearls are going to stay hot with or without a carb cap but they would not spin at all in the absence of a carb cap. Also, check the compatibility factor of the carb cap you choose for your terp pearls. Make sure to take a hit for terp pearls to work and spin effectively. 

Terp Pearls are simple to use if you understand their process. Make sure that you are cleaning the terp pearls after every dabbing session using isopropyl alcohol so that you can easily retain the original flavour of the terpenes. Stay safe from flammable things & use protection tools before heating the banger. We are the leading supplier of quality terp pearls. Once you understand how to use terp pearls, you can visit our online terporium store and buy the products that best suit your requirements.