What are terp pearls,’ is the most frequently asked question, and most of us fail to understand its vitality. They have gained immense popularity today as they are one of the most helpful dab accessories. Such tiny pearl-shaped balls are highly useful in getting low-temperature dabs for taking care of terpenes. Moreover, it enhances your setup functionality & spins across the banger bottom of the dab rig. 

What are terp pearls? 

Terp pearls are 4 mm to 6mm sized tiny balls formed using quartz, borosilicate glass & other relevant materials. They are popular with the name dab beads and banger beads. They are kept inside the Banger of a dabbing rig. It furthermore supports not only uniform heat distribution but also helps the dab to concentrate evenly. Henceforth, improved flavours at lower temperatures are achieved along with consistent results. Get the best quality Opal Terp Pearls, Ruby & Sapphire Terp Pearls of varied sizes from us at reasonable prices.

Different types of terp pearls

There are five types of terp pearls in total, as mentioned below –

  1. Borosilicate Pearls: These pearls provide a sufficient surface field and the spin for vaporization. The biggest drawback of borrowed silicate pearls is that they tend to change their shape and size or even melt under the extreme heat supply. The best part is that it’s available at a pocket-friendly price. 
  2. SIC Pearls: SIP pearls have the best conductivity, thermal shock resistance, and top-notch heat retention qualities. They are made from silicon carbide and yield good flavours. Alcohol or a torch can be used for cleaning the SIP pearls.
  3. Ceramic Pearls: Ceramic terp pearls are delicate and challenging to keep clean, like a ceramic dab nail. It provides concentrated flavour preservation and heat retention but requires high maintenance. Avoid torch-cleaning them as they are prone to breakage in the direct rays of heat. 
  4. Quartz Pearls: Quartz terp pearls are highly durable and cost-efficient, providing a decent amount of heat retention. They are an ideal choice as most bangers are formed out of quartz. Their thermal shock resistance feature helps the pearls in isopropyl alcohol or torch cleaning without any adverse effects. 
  5. Ruby Pearls: Ruby Pearls are well-known for their exceptional heat retention feature that provides the best flavour quality. These pearls are produced in the laboratory and function to deliver the output like natural rubies. They are UV-reactive & close to a thermal shock, making them hard to clean.

Best way to use terp pearls

With the help of a bucket-style banger, you can make the best use of a terp pearl. It enables the even heat distribution produced from the field they reside in while they walk across the surface. Use a spinner cap, bubble cap, or carb cap to utilize your pearls optimally. Use a torch to heat your pearls after putting them inside the Banger. Please wait until it gets completely cool before taking out the dab. Ideally, people use a maximum of two pearls simultaneously to get the best spin, saving them from overlapping or poorly spinning.

Terp pearls are the best tool for fairly distributing the heat and concentrating over the banger surface. If you want to make the maximum profit out of dabbing while carrying rips in low temperatures, then surely, terp pearls will do wonders for you. Your setup gets more personalized as these pearls are available in varied styles and materials. We are the leading suppliers and manufacturers of terp pearls. Our team is well equipped with the knowledge of ‘What are terp pearls,’ & hence provide quality products at reasonable prices. Explore our website to learn more about our portfolio.