Dabbing has gained fame with the introduction of new techniques and tools in the market by various old and new businesses. The world and the culture of cannabis have been shifting towards reverse dabbing in order to make use of marijuana and its concentrates in a better and more unusual way. In order to make optimum use of cannabis, people have now shifted towards using dabbing tools which also gives them a chance of having an undeniably splendid experience. But what is reverse dabbing has been a question and point of discussion to which most seek answers due to it being comparatively new. 

For anyone wanting to know more about reverse dabbing this blog will run through all the basics about what is reverse dabbing, why it is better and how can one do it. Towards the end, one will be able to understand better reverse dabbing and the tools. you will also be able to understand more about it and some great dabbing tools to have a unique experience. 

What is Reverse Dabbing?

Unlike traditional dabbing methods, reverse dabbing or cold dabbing is a more effective technique that involves slowly heating cannabis or concentrate to a higher temperature with precision. This heating thus produces vapours with a strong and comparatively higher flavour of the cannabis.

Reverse dabbing unlike the traditional methods of dabbing opens up a lot of advantages. The dabbing tool can be used for longer durations due to the low heat applied, making cost-effectiveness the first advantage of reverse dabbing. It is also easier to maintain these tools as compared to others. 

For those who desire a potent flavour, reverse dabbing provides an optimal experience, requiring the use of a precise technique and dabbing tool.

How To Do Reverse Dabbing? 

Reverse dabbing or cold dabbing is essentially performed in the same way as traditional methods, with the only difference being a slight change in the order of the procedure and the dabbing tool required. Among the commonly used dabbing tools are quartz bangers, dab tools, carp tools, and others. Recently, quartz bangers have been the talk in the world of cannabis due to it being the ideal dabbing tool. 

To avoid sudden heat, slowly heat the tool by holding the flame at least a few inches away. Once vapours form or bubbles are visible, turn off the heat immediately and repeat for a few more dabs. This technique is suitable for those who love to enjoy a strong dab once or twice in a single sitting. 

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