Auto Spinner Marble Sets


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Need an affordable Auto Spinner Marble Set? Our new solid color glass Auto Spinner Sets have your back. Available in several colors, including Teal, Blue, Purple, Green, Yellow, and Red. Although these sets are made for Auto-Spinner/Tourbillion style bangers, they are also compatible with other banger styles with a top diameter between 18-25mm (so Terp Slurpers, Samurai Blenders, etc).

Set includes: 

  • Top Marble (25mm)
  • 2 Terp Pearls (6mm)
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Marble Set Features:

  • Borosilicate glass
  • Retains heat for a tasty low-temperature delivery
  • Disperses concentrates to reduce waste and prevent burning
  • Aesthetically pleasing and functional
  • Import

Note: Banger not included, used to show function.


To clean your glass marble set, simply wipe or soak in isopropyl alcohol. Always allow quartz and glass to cool before dunking/soaking with isopropyl alcohol or an alternative cleaner. You can dunk your entire banger with the marbles inside or you can pour out the marbles into a paper towel or rag and clean them separately. There are so several different approaches to cleaning so we recommend trying different methods and choosing what you find most convenient.

WARNING: Do NOT heat clean by directly torching the glass! Do NOT submerge hot glass or gemstones into a cold solvent (eg. isopropyl alcohol) as cracks can occur due to thermal shock. We are not responsible for items damaged due to not following cleaning procedures.


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10 reviews for Auto Spinner Marble Sets

  1. donald demay (verified owner)

    Spinning like crazy for me and clean up nice too. Another winner.

  2. bryanmichaud91 (verified owner)

    Awesome selection, and great function on all my sets

  3. Mandi Hanks (verified owner)

    Nice colors to choose from. Good price and great function.

  4. Patrick Harrison (verified owner)

    Functioned amazing, and looked good at the same time cant beat that.

  5. lucas matsushita (verified owner)

    I got a blue set. Compared to other terp pearls advertised ar the same size i feel like they are a little large. That being said they are still beautiful and spin perfectly.would buy again

  6. kenneykickin (verified owner)

    Borosilicate? Pretty color.

  7. toad (verified owner)

    Very pretty. I do think the top marble is a little oversized for some of the bangers it is paired with in the banger boxes, but the set itself is solid and functions well.

  8. kenneykickin (verified owner)

    Received the purple, very pretty. Looks like a small 1 1-1/4” crack or possible air bubble I’m not sure in the big 25mm marble.

  9. daniellemartin1218 (verified owner)

    Love my yellow! Sturdy

  10. OlPlainface (verified owner)

    This set goes great with the 3rd eye auto spider. It is my favorite and I have 2 others from terporium. I highly recommend

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