XL Diamond Knot (6 Stacks)


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(9 customer reviews)

The XL Diamond Knot is the convenient beat-up banger you have been looking for! The quartz banger is designed to be used without a carb cap/marble, making it a truly innovative design. Additionally, the banger was traditionally intended to be torched clean so though you can soak in isopropyl alcohol to preserve the quality/clarity, feel free to heat clean. The XL Diamond Knot has 6 stacks, all aiming to maximize the banger’s surface area. Great for those who want a simple banger that doesn’t require capping or cleaning.

Overall Length: 4” (102mm)

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Simply place a dab in the bucket, add your top cap, and watch your oil move freely up and down the walls with every inhale. Great surface area maximization for the perfect low-temperature dab. Easier to clean than more complex banger styles.


  • Handmade with 100% GE214 Quartz
  • 6 Stacks
  • Double Maria above the joint to collect oil
  • Seamless Full Welds
  • Frosted Joint
  • Import

Recommended Cap: NONE!!!


Feel free to heat clean with your torch or soak in isopropyl alcohol.



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9 reviews for XL Diamond Knot (6 Stacks)

  1. FLUFFHEDD (verified owner)

    Works well. Great heat retention

  2. jrburnin26 (verified owner)

    Rips I love it!!!

  3. jrburnin26 (verified owner)


  4. Tom (verified owner)

    Holds heat very well and tastes very good

  5. alecsander stage (verified owner)

    5 stars! its a bit of a process to heat clean, it takes FOREVER (and a good chunk of fuel lol) but once you figure it out, tbh this is my most used banger by FAR now. I couldn’t find anything anywhere about how to really properly use these, but after a good bit of fiddling, I think I’ve gotten it mostly figured out. heat from the bottom of the knot to the top for about a minute, while slowly rotating it so you heat everywhere as evenly as possible. Trust me, otherwise your dab will all go to where you didn’t heat enough, and you will waste dab. cooling time is about 35-45 seconds from a normal heat up, and about a minute and a half to two minutes if you heat cleaned it. take a smallish amount, put it on a pick of some sort, and rub it along the outer part of the inside ring, melting the dab along the knot. don’t drop your dab down the middle, and don’t drag it along the outer wall. no cap is needed, they weren’t lying! WARNING!!! SMALL DABS WILL ABSOLUTELY RIP LIKE BIG ONES OUT OF THIS! BE CAREFUL!!!!!

  6. diekowryan (verified owner)

    These are soo fun! lol. Literally made to cook the quartz. Dab. Cough forever. lol. In all seriousness though the heatup is fairly short. Retains heat fairly well. These are great for on the go or just to have as a beatup piece.

  7. OlPlainface (verified owner)

    I like this design. It is a big hit with my friends. I use it a fair amount. I dip it in iso after each hit to avoid chazzing in those internal hard to reach areas.

  8. Lou (verified owner)

    A bit hard to learn but it rips once you’ve figured it out. I would YouTube some videos first before using so you don’t waste some dabs like I did…

  9. xwhitex1994 (verified owner)

    Great for taking hits at a high temp .. very intense hit with all the glass oil contact at the same time

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