Hollow Quartz Terp Pillars (Multiple Sizes Available)


(14 customer reviews)

Hollow Quartz Terp Pillars are our favorite new accessory!!! The function is incredible. The pillar is made out of quartz with a wide hollow center. The hollow core helps the pillar float in the center of the barrel versus shooting up the middle tube. We have two styles available: etched or clear quartz.

Available Sizes:

  • 5x25x3mm: 5mm Diameter, 25mm Length, 3mm Hollow Center
  • 5x35x3mm: 5mm Diameter, 35mm Length, 3mm Hollow Center
  • 6x25x4mm: 6mm Diameter, 25mm Length, 4mm Hollow Center
  • 6x35x4mm: 6mm Diameter, 35mm Length, 4mm Hollow Center

*We recommend 25mm for normal-size slurpers and 35mm for extra-long (XXL) slurpers.

Use up to 450 TerpTokens to purchase this product!


While terp pillars/pills serve the same purpose as a terp pearl/ banger bead, pills/pillars work best on terp slurpers and similar styles of quartz bangers.

Pillar Features

  • Material: 100% Quartz
  • Hollow Core
  • Retains heat for a tasty low-temperature delivery
  • Disperses concentrates to reduce waste and prevent burning
  • Aesthetically pleasing and functional

Terp pillars/pills are innovative accessories that help to achieve low-temperature dabs. While terp pearls are great for more traditional bangers, pillars are optimal for slurper-style bangers with a more tall and narrow chamber. In addition to improving heat retention, pills spread around the oil which reduces waste and helps you achieve a tasty temperature. Not only are they functional, terp pillars are aesthetically pleasing as well. To use, simply place inside quartz banger prior to heating and use as normal.


We recommend cleaning your quartz banger and terp pearls after every dab. Simply wipe down the inside of your banger and pearls with a dry q-tip to absorb the excess oil. If sticky, put isopropyl alcohol on a q-tip or a towel to cut through the oil. Pearls/pills will not spin correctly if dirty.

WARNING: Do not submerge hot terp pearls, marbles, or pillars into a cold solvent (eg. isopropyl alcohol) as the gemstone crack due to thermal shock. Wait for the banger to cool a minute before submerging or clean with a dry cotton swab. We are not responsible for items damaged due to not following cleaning procedures.


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14 reviews for Hollow Quartz Terp Pillars (Multiple Sizes Available)

  1. JustinRH1488 (verified owner)

    This hollow pillar is extremely lightweight and spins better than solid pillars. My only complaint is that You have to pair it with a valve marble to keep it from rising up.

  2. Timothy Brooks Sr. (verified owner)

    Good pillar but a little tough to keep spotless though

  3. chriscotilla (verified owner)

    This hollow pillar shreds! This thing is quickly replacing all my other pillars, they’re super fun to use, especially when you drop it in fully loaded 😁

  4. JustinRH1488 (verified owner)

    I love this hollow quartz pillar. It spins effortlessly.

  5. Chris Corbin (verified owner)

    Hollow pillars are definitely my go to pillar, 10/10 by far!

  6. Chronicly42 (verified owner)

    Out of all of my pillars and terp pills, this is my favorite. It’s super light and has great action while also spreading your concentrate across a large surface area.

  7. tlh66784 (verified owner)

    Great price for solid quartz

  8. Syd Whitaker (verified owner)

    This is overall a very cool pillar to add to your collection! Because it’s hollow, it spins flawlessly, and it’s fun to put your product inside the pillar and watch it melt! I dropped a star for a few small inconveniences that might not bother most. It’s hard to clean and keep spotless, and you MUST have a valve marble otherwise it will want to fly out! Otherwise, it’s beautiful and definitely high quality quartz!

  9. Lizardkingster (verified owner)

    Great pillar especially when filled with hash

  10. diekowryan (verified owner)

    Bought the hollow engraved pillar. The engraving helps with the functionality while in use, but it does make it harder to keep clean. Definitely recommend getting a dunk tank.

  11. Lou (verified owner)

    Amazing heat retention! Holds a fat glob and spins effortlessly… might want to grab 2

  12. xwhitex1994 (verified owner)

    Alot more glass to oil contact with the hollow pillars

  13. JustinRH1488 (verified owner)

    These pillars are awesome!!! They prevent the pillar from shooting up the barrel of your Terp slurp

  14. Toby Rosiek (verified owner)

    Only pillars me and the team use for the sesh Great heat retention Great function Great over all quality and product 💨💨

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