Hybrid Quartz Banger, 2nd Quality (Out of 14mms)


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(8 customer reviews)

Second quality quartz has minor cosmetic issues that do not affect the function, such as a small scratch, blemish, bubble, etc. (pictured in photos 2-4). We have very strict quality control so the 2nds have minor flaws. 



The banger with the best of both worlds…a think round bottom dish with a traditional banger. Great heat retention and super easy to clean. Top diameter is 25mm. 





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  • Bucket Diameter: 25mm 
  • Bucket Height: 40mm 


The banger style that combined form and function in a simple yet elegant design. The classic design of these quartz bangers is an optimal and easy way to dab, with the thick base allowing you to achieve optimal low-temperature dabs with ease. In contrast to more complex banger styles, the Hybrid is a versatile banger providing the perfect vessel for beginning dabbers or seasoned connoisseurs to take dabs of all sizes.


  • Lab-tested quartz (GE 214)
  • Beveled edge top
  • Fully welded joint

For those of you who have yet to try a quartz banger, now is the time to finally taste your terps. Relative to other materials quartz nails are extremely heat tolerant, allowing users to pick what temperature works best for them to deliver the best-tasting terps. You haven’t experienced dabbing until you take a proper low-temperature dab off a high-quality quartz banger.


We recommend cleaning your quartz banger and inserts after every dab. Simply wipe the inside of the banger with a dry q-tip or alcohol soaked q-tip while the banger is still warm.  You can also dunk your banger in ISO and just wipe it dry prior to use–just make sure your banger is cooled down before dunking. 


WARNING: Do not submerge hot terp pearls, marbles, or pillars into a cold solvent (eg. isopropyl alcohol) as the glass crack due to thermal shock. Wait for the terp slurper set to cool a minute before submerging or clean with a dry cotton swab. We are not responsible for items damaged due to not following cleaning procedures.


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No returns of 2nd quality items.

8 reviews for Hybrid Quartz Banger, 2nd Quality (Out of 14mms)

  1. Jmichael sannicolas (verified owner)

    My very first banger bucket. Still have it till this day 1 year later.

  2. dylanhoaglin2004 (verified owner)

    Awesome banger for the price

  3. FLUFFHEDD (verified owner)

    Love the curved bottom. Great banger

  4. FLUFFHEDD (verified owner)

    Holds heat great

  5. rustedgoods (verified owner)

    11/10 absolutely LOVE this style of banger. The fact that the bottom dish is round makes cleaning a breeze. This is my go-to nail for daily dabs, big dabs, travel dabs, for pretty much any and everything. Can’t recommend this enough! If you want something that delivers insane function and heat retention at a fraction of the cost get this now! Can’t event tell it’s 2nd quality and when I compare it to my first quality hybrid— the differences are impossible to tell. Purchase this— you won’t regret it!

  6. rustedgoods (verified owner)

    Perfect for cold start dabs— savor the flavor!

  7. rustedgoods (verified owner)

    Had to get in on the BOGO Sale and pick up a couple of these bad boys!

  8. Richard (verified owner)

    Perfect Banger ! You won’t Regret it !

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