Opaque Samurai Terp Slurper, 2nd Quality

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The Opaque Samurai Terp Slurper has arrived. With a new style flat bottom Samurai base, this banger revolutionizes slurpin. The extra thick opaque bottom provides insane heat retention.  Simply cap and place the product in the base dish. You’ll be amazed at how it functions. Top diameter is 20mm OD.

Second quality quartz bangers have minor cosmetic flaws that do not affect the function, such as a small scratch, blemish, bubble, etc. We have very strict quality control so 2nds have minor flaws–they are not rejects. ALL SALES OF SECOND QUALITY QUARTZ BANGERS ARE FINAL!


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The Samurai Slurper is a mash-up of your two favorite banger styles, the Terp Slurper and the Samurai. Rather than a traditional slurper bottom, we designed a miniature Samurai bottom to revolutionize your slurpin’ experience. The pull is even better than we imagined. To use the Samurai Slurper, simply cap the top and place your product in the base dish (in the upside samurai hat). The bottom dish connects to the middle section via angled air slits (or channels) so that oil can move freely up the walls and back down into the dish. The design of the base combined with the tall narrow walls creates a centrifuge of force upon inhaling, pushing the concentrate up the walls. The results are truly incredible.


  • Individually handmade with 100% GE214 Quartz
  • 4mm bottom of Pure SIO2 Opaque
  • Beveled Top
  • Opaque Bottom
  • Seamless Welds
  • Directional/angled slits
  • Frosted joint

Recommended Caps: Marbles and terp slurper sets. Although other styles will work, we recommended a terp slurper set/ marbles for optimal function. Check out our selection here

Since air can travel through the banger, there is no need to have a carb cap with airflow. You can use a marble set, plugs, or any type of cap you desire really. Different air flows will cause variations in the function, allowing you to find your perfect combination.


We recommend cleaning your quartz banger and inserts after every dab. Although you can simply wipe down the banger with a dry or alcohol-soaked q-tip, for terp slurpers and other more complex banger styles we recommend soaking your banger and inserts in a jar filled with alcohol. The ISO soak method is our personal favorite as it is the easiest way to clean up a large dab and also allows you to rotate between bangers without worrying about cleaning in between dabs.

WARNING: Do not submerge hot banger, terp pearls, marbles, or pillars into a cold solvent (eg. isopropyl alcohol) as items crack due to thermal shock. Allow to cool down to the touch before submerging or just clean with a dry cotton swab if warm. We are not responsible for items damaged due to not following cleaning procedures.


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Second quality quartz bangers have minor cosmetic issues that do not affect the function, such as a small scratch, blemish, bubble, etc. We have very strict quality control so the 2nds have minor flaws. ALL SALES OF SECOND QUALITY ARE FINAL!

2 reviews for Opaque Samurai Terp Slurper, 2nd Quality

  1. kkhogan09 (verified owner)

    This opaque samurai slurper is so sick. Especially when upgraded with an opaque extended pill. Amazing function and heat retention is great! Love the dish on these samurai’s. The function is superb! Ty terporium!!

  2. Slightweez (verified owner)

    Was skeptical about the blender/slurper hybrids, but wow was I wrong. This slurper is much more balanced and the additional (smaller) air slits provide unique and efficient function.

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