Tall Samurai with Marble and Pearl Set Banger Box

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First, choose your banger size and quality. Then, pick your favorite accessory – no need to worry about fitment as all options are compatible. All accessory items are at least 50% off so you save $$ with a Banger Box.

From: Original price was: $60.00.Current price is: $50.00.

3 reviews for Tall Samurai with Marble and Pearl Set Banger Box

  1. s359284 (verified owner)

    Both this and the hourglass spinner are great choices for times when the load is small enough to not have to worry about reheating, and you want to be able to rip more aggressively before potential waste becomes an issue. The set is really nice; I like this dichro enough so that I will likely buy some more of their dichro gear.

  2. Robert Bailey (verified owner)

    Great for low heat dabs, it’s been my go to since I received it.

  3. Dennis Sprouse (verified owner)

    A fantastic deal! A great looking set at a great price. The tall samurai looks amazing, will update on this set’s performance after some use.

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