v2 Terp Slurper with Mushroom Valve and Top Cap

(2 customer reviews)

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From: $55.00

2 reviews for v2 Terp Slurper with Mushroom Valve and Top Cap

  1. OlPlainface (verified owner)

    This is an absolute work of art. It matches very well with my dab rig. There is just something about this one that makes you want to buy it right now! The colors are just awesome. Just be careful with the topper when the banger is hot because it is top heavy and will fall off and break so be super careful! I have had way too many close calls. I have had this for a month and probably put 150 dabs through it so far and is still going hard.

  2. Alexander Krein (verified owner)

    One of the best affordable terp slurpers I’ve ever used. It definitely holds up and works as well as my high end bangers for a quarter of the price. Will definitely be back to try more stuff

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