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Quartz Bangers

Check our variety of custom spec quality quartz banger styles. 

Slurper Set with Valve-2.jpg

Terporium Basics

Check out our selection of in-house products, from carb caps to terp slurper sets. We have affordable options!

SAM with Dichro Top Marble-8048.jpg

Banger Boxes

Banger Box Combos include a banger and compatible accessory at a discounted price!

Big Mellons Lucy Marble Spinner Cap-7.jpg

2nd Quality Quartz

Discounted for minor cosmetic flaws that do not affect the function, such as a small blemish or scratch.

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Terp Pearls, Pills, and Inserts

Terp Pearls, Pills/Pillars, and Inserts are available in a variety of materials such as ruby, quartz, and glass.

Big Mellons Lucy Marble Spinner Cap-7.jpg

Carb Caps

Bubble and spinner caps to seal your banger for a perfect pull every time.

Captain Tokes Marble Set-5.jpg

Marble & Pearl Sets

Top marble and terp pearls are perfect for your Auto-Spinner, Samurai Blenders, Terpnados, etc.

Syndrome Glass Karmaline and Secret White Terp Slurper Set-3.jpg

Terp Slurper Sets

Variety of terp slurper sets and styles available at all different price points.



Deals of the Day and other special products that are on sale for a limited time.

Ruby Insert_19mm-4.jpg

Featured Artists

Check out all of our Artists available work.

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Dab Tools

Dabbers are available in several shapes of materials, including Damascus swords to simple titanium scoopers.

Big Mellons Lucy Marble Spinner Cap-7.jpg


We have a variety of sapphire, ruby, emerald custom cut terp, pearls, pillars, pillas, diamonds, etc.

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Cleaning & Temperature Tools

Terp Tip cotton swabs and Terp Guns available.

Ruby Insert_19mm-4.jpg

Marbles & Top Caps

Get top marbles, toppers, top caps for all of your favorite banger styles. Guaranteed to seal!

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Check out the most recent drops of Terporium Products.

Ruby Insert_19mm-4.jpg


Drop-in and Spinner Inserts are available in borosilicate, ruby, quartz, and more!

Captain Tokes Marble Set-5.jpg

Subscription Boxes

Get bangers delivered to your door every month!! Subscribe & Save! More options coming soon!!

Wet Slides,18mm-1.jpg


Heady flower bowls/slides for 14mm and 18mm.

Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 2.16.10 PM.png


Reduction adapters, drop-down adapters, reclaim catchers, etc.

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All Glass

Browse all of the glass we have available from various artists!