Quick Start Guide

1. Install the included AAA batteries.

2. Press the trigger to turn on the Terp Gun.

3. Press the MODE button to change between Celsius (C°) and Fahrenheit (F°).

4. Aim Temp Gun.

Aim the Terp Gun at the center of the object you want to measure and press and hold the trigger. A laser will activate for aiming guidance. You can turn the laser on or off with LASER Button.

5. Hold the trigger for a continuous temperature reading.

Tip: Adjust the Terp Gun’s aim by scanning up and down the banger’s surface to ensure you don’t miss a hot spot.

6. When the Terp Gun approaches the desired temperature, release the trigger and proceed with your dab as normal.

Get ready to Taste your Terps! 

7. To take another measurement, simply press the trigger.

The Terp Gun will automatically turn off after 1 minute to preserve the battery. To turn on the Terp Gun, press the trigger and repeat steps 4-6.

Warning: Do not directly shine the laser beam directly into the eyes.

User Manual

Basic Operations

Press the trigger to turn on the Terp Gun. Aim the Terp Gun at the center of the target. To help aim, use the projected red laser circle. Continue to hold the trigger and adjust the laser aim and distance. The screen will then display the real-time temperature of the object. The measurement stops when you release the temperature measurement trigger, and the screen will display the temperature for 15 seconds. The Terp Gun will automatically go to sleep after 1 minute of inactivity to preserve battery life. To turn on the Terp Gun, simply press the trigger.

To Cycle Between Celsius (C°) and Fahrenheit (F°):

Press the MODE button to change the temperature display between Celsius (C°) and Fahrenheit (F°).

To Turn Laser On/Off:

Press the LASER button to turn the laser on or off. The screen also displays a laser symbol to indicate that the laser guide is turned on.

Tip: the laser guide helps aim so measurements are more precise.

To Turn Alarm Sound On/Off:

Press the SOUND button to turn the alarm tone on and off.

Setting High/Low Alarm Value

The Terp Gun has a Hi/Low Temperature Alarm. If the temperature is above or below the set range, a red-light flashes above the screen, the LED display shows a Hi or Low icon, and the alarm sound beeps. You can toggle the alarm sound on/off with ALARM SOUND ON-OFF button.

To Set Alarm Range Values:

Press and hold the MODE button for 2 seconds to enter the settings interface. The screen display will prompt you to enter a high-temperature alarm value. Adjust the value by pressing the UP button or the DOWN button. Once you set the high value, press the MODE button again and adjust the low-temperature alarm value using the UP/DOWN buttons. Press and hold the MODE button (or trigger) for 2 seconds to save your temperature alarm settings and exit the settings interface. If you remove/change the batteries, the temperature alarm settings will reset to the default values. The default values are 680 F° (high) and -4 F° (low).


Recommended Alarm Temperatures

For the high alarm value, we recommend a temperature no greater 600 F°. For the low alarm value, we recommend a temperature between 450-500 F°. 

Tip: Find your optimal temperature and set the temperature range accordingly. Several variables affect your optimal temperature such as the quartz banger style, the distance between the banger and the Terp Gun, the use of inserts/terp pearls, the ambient temperature of your environment, etc.


Adjusting Emissivity

The emissivity of a material is its efficiency in emitting thermal energy. The default emissivity is preprogrammed to the correct value for quartz (E = .95 ). You can adjust emissivity between .1 and 1.00 so the Terp Gun has the flexibility to measure the temperature of a variety of materials.

Tip: for opaque quartz, you can adjust the emissivity to .92 however we often find it unnecessary.

To Adjust Emissivity:

Press and hold the MODE button for 2 seconds to enter the Terp Gun’s settings. Pressing the MODE button twice while in settings mode will cause the emissivity symbol E=0.95 to blink. The emissivity con be adjusted by pressing the UP button or DOWN button. Press and hold the MODE button or Trigger again for 2 seconds to save your emissivity value and exit settings.

Terp Gun Maintenance

Infrared Lens Cleaning

Over time, dust will accumulate on the lens of the Terp Gun. To clean, use water to lightly dampen a cotton swab and wipe clean.

Body Cleaning

If the body is dirty, simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth. You can use a neutral cleaning spray. If sticky with oil/concentrates, put a little isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab and spot clean.

Battery Replacement

A battery change is required when the BATTERY Symbol appears on the screen. Remember: once the battery has been replaced, the stored settings on the device will need to be re-input.


If storing the Terp Gun for longer periods of time, it is best to remove the batteries. You can store the Terp Gun and batteries together in the provided soft case. 

 Technical Specifications


Temperature Measuring Range -58-1256°F° or  -50-680°C
Measurement Accuracy +-5 F°
Repeatability Accuracy +- .05%
Response Time .5 s
Emissivity Adjustable between .01 -1.00  (step size 0.01)
Measuring Object Distance Ratio 12:1
Screen Display VA LED Color Screen with Backlight
Over Range Prompt “HI” or “LO”
Laser Grade
  • Outlet Power <1mW
  • Wavelength: 650nm
  • Laser Grade: Grade II
  • Operating Distance: 30m
Power Supply 1.5V x2 AAA
Storage Temperature 32 – 140 F°
Working Environment Temperature 32 – 122 F°
Working Environment Humidity 10 – 95%
Product Size 6 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches
Product Net Weight 6.5 oz