A heating source is required to change the concentrate into an available vapour. Quartz banger is a more durable and feasible option as compared to water pipes & rigs. With their flavour and heat retention properties, Types of Quartz Bangers and Styles of Quartz Bangers are worth their increasing popularity. The question of how various types of quartz bangers could act as the most suitable concentrate heating source is well explained in this guide.

What is a Quartz banger?

Quartz Banger is a type of concentrate nail used for heating concentrates & giving more flavours as compared to other heating mechanisms. The Banger has a bucket shape for heating the concentrate and a joint for attaching to the water pipe. It’s effectively designed for eradicating small pieces & has the most straightforward maintenance process.

Types and Styles of Quartz Bangers 

1. Color-Changing Cadmium Bangers: Suggested by the amateur mind, Whitney Harmon Glass, the colour-changing cadmium bangers are immensely popular. Check for the best suitable shade match & you are good to go. Judge the perfect temperature by looking at the Banger changing its colour from bright orange to bright yellow when heated instead of using a timer. 

2. Angle Top Quartz banger: Angle top quartz is highly aesthetic but least functional & practical. It works well for small and medium-sized dabs. The best part about this is that cleaning them is pretty simple. Quave Club Banger (QCB) & Quave started the quartz era. These two proved to be the great support behind the success of an angle-top quartz banger.

3. Opaque Bottom Bangers: As the name suggests, the opaque bottom Banger has opaque underneath the field. The heat is retained 2x higher than the side walls due to this feature. It also has a very modern & attractive design that was initially given by an expert named Utah. The reheating isn’t required making the opaque bottom bangers the best choice for daily use. 

The Quartz Bangers have varied styles & types, as mentioned below –

1. Round bottom Quartz Nails: Joel Halen discovered the round bottom quartz nails. This type of quartz has a flat top that helps seal appropriately with a carb cap. The entire structure of quartz nails is 100% suitable for big dabs. Also, the round bottom quartz has no corners, making the overall movement of oil quicker & vaporizing adequate. 

2. Low Temp Core Reactor Bangers: The core reactor is toro glass’s simple design. With its heat retention capability, the core reactor at the center helps preserve the dab in a hot state for a long time compared to other bangers. The enormous size of thick quartz makes the core reactor very antique & admirable. It allows you to have fully satisfied sessions through the large dabs.

3. Thermal Quartz Bangers: Thermal Quartz Bangers are known for having the best heat retention properties and are outlined by double walls. To benefit from extensive sessions, you must use its heat retention quality correctly. Heat the inner & outer walls evenly to retain the heat for a prolonged period. It has a unique design that Pukinbeagle primarily gave. The best part about its design is that it doesn’t require reheating due to the presence of bubble caps.

There are various types and styles of Quartz Bangers. Choose the one that meets your requirements and is the most suitable from the available varieties of exceptional quartz designs. Also, remember to have the fitting carb cap that perfectly complements your quartz banger. As the leading supplier of quartz bangers, we provide you with top-notch banger products. Stay relaxed during online shopping as we provide free shipping with no minimum order value.