2nd Quality Terp Slurper

The Tower Terp Slurper is a simplified slurper design that shreds your terps with ease. Due to the height of the chamber, there is little to no waste. Works great with Terp Pearls and Pills/Pillars. Easy to clean. Great function!

Tower Terp Slurper,  2nd Quality

v2 Straight Terp Slurper, 2nd Quality

The v2 Terp Slurper is our customer-favorite “classic” slurper style. The function on this one is insane. Great airflow and heat retention. Our goal with this banger was to improve the heat retention and function relative to V1!

Hourglass Terp Slurper,  2nd Quality

The Hourglass Terp Slurper has concave walls, adding a twist to the traditional Terp Slurper design. The wall shape helps reduce waste and keep your terps pushed down. Super easy to clean. It works great with terp pearls and pills/pillars!

v2 Mini Terp Slurper,  2nd Quality

Our Mini Terp Slurper is an absolute shredder! The v2 Mini has a more refined function and feel than the v1, featuring adjusted proportions to the barrel and the top chamber, increased wall thickness, etc!

Saturn, 2nd Quality

The Saturn Slurper is out of this world!! Place your dab on Saturn’s rings and get ready for take-off!! The Saturn Slurper is an awesome banger design as it is extremely efficient at reducing waste!

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