Dabbing & Vaping has gained immense recognition lately. It has led to the growth of the extract market, due to which varied types of accessories & tools, such as terp pearls, are entering the market. The expectations of dabbing enthusiasts have evolved massively where they wish to have the powerful hit, decent flavour & hassle-free smoking sessions. Therefore, it’s quintessential to understand What Are Terp Pearls in general. Not having enough knowledge about the Best Terp Pearls will spoil your dabbing experience.  

Terp pearls spin in the banger’s base for even heat distribution in your dab rig. They are available in diverse sizes and materials. Get aware of everything involved in the pearls topic from start to end today to encounter the optimal flavour & consistent dabs. In this blog, we will learn about Terp Pearls & using them.  

What Are Terp Pearls? And, How to Use the Terp Pearls? 

The question that has hit the most is ‘What Are Terp Pearls,’ so let’s break the ice via this blog. Terp pearls, or dab beads, small 4-6 mm balls for dab rig bangers, come in diverse materials and designs. Dabbers love using it because it enhances the entire dabbing experience through even distribution of concentrate & heat. As a result, you get a flavourful & consistent outcome irrespective of the temperature. It allows big rips even at the lowest temperatures without compromising the flavour whenever you dab above the 420°F or 216°C. Pearls are a solution to the banger or a dab nail cooling down when you stop providing heat. With its help, the concentrates vaporize at a uniform rate.  

They come in varied materials, designs & prices. Some are Ceramic Pearls, SIC Pearls, Quartz Pearls, Ruby Pearls, and Borosilicate pearls. Among all these materials, Quartz Terp Pearls are the most chosen by dabbers. Take care of the sudden change in temperature from cold to hot or hot to cold, as it might melt & alter the shape of the Pearls. As a result, it might crack or break.   

Generally, the bucket-style bangers are ideal to use with the pearls. The reason it is suitable is that it moves all over the place to evenly distribute the heat coming from the base where they are positioned. Another thing to take care of while learning to use the pearls is that a carb cap with good airflow is a mandatory requirement for controlling hits. Moreover, if you wish to use your pearls optimally, you should use a directional flow carb cap, bubble cap, or spinner cap. If you use the wrong carb cap,  your pearls might not spin properly.

Another reason the carb cap does not spin properly is the residue buildup that causes friction. In such cases, clean it thoroughly with the butane torch. Put a few pearls in your banger & use a torch to heat it. For the best spin, use 1 or 2 pearls to prevent entanglement and maintain spin quality. Then, let it cool down entirely at your desired temperature before dabbing.  

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