We value high-quality quartz and know you do too. All of our quartz bangers are individually hand-made, so we expect some bangers will have slight imperfections and discount them accordingly. If you are looking for a great deal on high-quality quartz, our 2nd Quality Quartz Bangers are perfect!

Terporium’s 2nd Quality Quartz Bangers are bangers that we discount for having a minor cosmetic flaw that does NOT affect the function. Second-quality quartz bangers are not our rejects but have a minor flaw, such as a little scratch, blemish, or slightly off-centered logo. 2nd quality flaws do NOT include crooked or unlevel bangers, bangers with an evident cosmetic defect, or bangers that do not function. Our second-quality bangers have an excellent reputation – feel free to check out some reviews on various styles here!

What is the difference between 1st and 2nd quality quartz bangers?

Our quality control system consists of three categories:

  1. 1st Quality: no marks, scratches, etc. Banger must be level and centered. 
  2. 2nd Quality: minor cosmetic scratch or blemish. Function is no different than a 1st quality banger. Banger should be level and centered. 
  3. Rejects: visible cosmetic flaw (large scratch, bubble, or blemish) banger not level or centered, an issue with function, anything that catches the eye.

The difference between our first and second quality quartz bangers is subtle. If you’re interested in a new banger style, like to beat up bangers, or simply want to save some money, second-quality bangers are a great way to get the banger you want for a discount!