Every dab enthusiast is obsessed with the Banger for Dabs, Dab Rigs, Dabbing tools, and Dab nails. In the dabbing subject, Dab rigs and e-rigs (electronic dab rigs) are often confused, but in reality, e-rigs make the process more streamlined and simplified. In this blog, we will discuss the bangers in detail.  

What is a Banger for Dabs? Learning More About Nails

Banger for Dabs are the attachments, 

often called nails, whose role is to vaporize THC. Although, there is a slight difference between the Banger & Nails. Banger specifically has a dish-shaped attachment, and Nails possess numerous shapes. Bangers for Dabs are available in multiple sizes, shapes, designs, and materials. Different materials can withstand different levels of superheating. The generally used materials are Quartz Bangers, Glass Bangers, and Titanium Bangers. Quartz Nails or Quartz Bangers are the best among all as it doesn’t crumble or burst quickly, providing flavorful hits. This crystal is formed with natural heat & pressure, making them inert & best dabbing material. Glass Bangers are comparatively more fragile & prone to breakage. The Titanium Bangers and Surgical Steel Bangers are well-known for durability, but they aren’t inert, creating sour flavors throughout the dabbing session.  

Let’s learn how to dab with the Traditional Quartz Dab Nails and Rigs:  

  • Get the banger or nail of the right size & versions for the rig, such as 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, etc. 
  • Use a butane fuel torch or an electronic coil to heat the banger.  

Note: Getting the perfect heating might take some time & effort, especially if you are a beginner. The nail can be heated in 5 seconds or less, yet you must have a solid knowledge of performing the heating part. Various dabbers use the infrared thermometer; some apply heat at the desired temperature where they enjoy the dabbing, and others overheat the nail and then cool it down to the intended temperature.

  • The vaporization process will start after the banger heating process is completed. Here, the concentrates are put into the banger, covering the rig’s body like a standard water bong. It further leads to smoking and vaporization. The role of a carb cap here is to ensure proper airflow regulation. At the end, you can quickly inhale in a few seconds.

Let’s learn how to dab with the e-rigs:

E-rigs let you preload the dabs or add them later once heating is completed. With the help of the Quartz Induction Cup, you can easily handle the concentrates.  

  • Take concentrate for loading the quartz cup & put it inside the SWITCH. 
  • Set the temperature & hit the power button. 
  • Heating starts within seconds using the induction heating technology.  
  • Get the ideal dab without burning.   

Note: While choosing between a Boost EVO or SWITCH, make sure to consider your requirements. SWITCH is generally a quartz banger-based desktop vaporizer & a THC-inspired technology that has most in common with a traditional dab rig. It helps in the following:  

  • Safe & Effortless Dabbing
  • Accurate Temperatures
  • Low-temperature dabs
  • Big dabbing sessions
  • Top-notch material 
  • Flavorful hits

Boost EVO, on the other hand, is more handy and has the atomizer instead of a banger; that’s why it doesn’t possess the features of a traditional dab rig. 

A dab enthusiast must have a basic knowledge of Dabbing tools and Dab nails before starting the dabbing session. Based on individual preferences, you can choose the best banger for yourself. We recommend our quartz bangers as they don’t contaminate the concentrate terpenes at lower temperatures. If you look forward to purchasing at sale prices, then “Funnel terp slurper and terp screw banger box” and “Hourglass terp slurper with wig wag slurper set banger box” are some of the best options. Explore the bangers section on our website to find the most relevant product that matches your needs.