What is a Terp Slurper? 

A terp slurper is simply a different style of quartz banger that is used consuming or “dabbing” cannabis concentrates. Unlike traditional quartz nails, the terp slurp has a bottom dish that connects to a narrower middle section via angled air slits so that the oil can move freely up the walls and back down into the dish—creating a vacuum effect that keeps the oil in motion. This feature is how the terp slurper got its name: on every inhale you slurp the oil upwards from the bottom dish, fencing the terp slurper. 

One of the most unique aspects of a terp slurper is that you can add the carb cap (or marble) before adding the concentrate. The structure of the terp slurper has encouraged the development of terp slurper sets and other accessories. Terp Slurper sets are often referring to a combination of marbles, pills/pillars, or terp pearls/ball that work together in a terp slurper. The unconventional design of the terp slurper has prompted the development of several terp slurper set styles which may cause confusion for newbies and even seasoned cannabis concentrate connoisseurs. That said, we will provide a simple overview of how to use and clean a terp slurper.  

How to Use a Terp Slurper

  1. Insert terp pearls/pillars into the banger prior to heating (do not add top cap yet). 
  2. Heat the banger evenly (for about 20-30 seconds), moving from the dish and up the walls. 
  3. Place marble or cap to the top of the slurper to block airflow 
  4. Allow the banger to cool to preferred temperature (often 40 to 60 seconds) and then place your dab into the bottom dish and inhale.

It is important to point out that there are several different ways people use slurpers. For example, some people heat up their slurper with the top marble already in place.

Terp Slurper Tips: 

  • Try different styles and sizes of marbles and pills in your terp slurper. You can completely change the pull of your slurper with a different slurper set set up.
  • Heat up the entire banger. We often see people only heating up the dish which defeats the purpose this banger. Since the oil moves up the walls you want to ensure those are heated up to maximize surface area and minimize waste.
  • Use a temperature gun, dab rite, or similar device to check the temperature to ensure better tasting and less harmful dabs. 

How to Clean a Terp Slurper

One of the biggest draw backs of terp slurpers is the cleaning process. Unlike a traditional quartz banger that can easily be wiped clean with a q-tip, terp slurpers require a little more TLC. There are several ways to clean your slurper though so don’t be afraid to try them out.

Cleaning Methods: 

  1. Q-tip and paper towel: Like a traditional banger, you can clean a slurper with a q-tip. First, remove or pour out slurper sets, terp pearls, pills/pillars onto a paper towel and wipe clean. Then use a q-tip to wipe inside the barrel and the dish. Use isopropyl alcohol dipped q-tip for an easier and more thorough clean. You will likely need to use isopropyl alcohol to 
  2. Dunking and/or Soaking In isopropyl alcohol: Our preferred method is dunking and/or soaking your dirty banger in isopropyl alcohol. For the best results, place your banger in a jar or container filled with alcohol while it is still warm (make sure it is not hot!!). You can can soak the banger with pearls or without (whatever you find is easier for your specific set up). For a quick clean let sit in iso for 20-30 seconds, and simply remove and dry with a paper towel or rag. If there is residue burnt on the side or something didn’t come off, a quick wipe with a q-tip often does the trick. If you aren’t in a rush or your banger is really dirty, we recommend soaking your banger for a longer duration of time to allow the isopropyl alcohol to do the work for you. 


  • Torch clean your banger. Although burning your banger clean is an easy way to clean quartz bangers, you are actually degrading the quality of the quartz and burning on contaminants which will cause your banger to look cloudy (or chazzed). Plus, you do not want to be breating the contaminants you are burning off.
  • Dunk or use isopropyl alcohol on a HOT banger or pearls/inserts. Not only is isopropyl and heat a dangerous combination, but you can also break your terp pearls/marbles due to thermal shock.
  • Dab at too high of a temperature. Not only is this bad your lungs but makes your terps taste like crap. People who dab too hot, often will have black burnt onto their banger which is very difficult to clean. 

The days of red hot dabs are over. Low-tempature dabs are the future as you can #tasteyourterps