Are you worried about wasting your precious concentrates? Are you anxious about getting unpleasant, dull, and lousy-tasting flavours? If yes, we have the Terps Slurper Quartz Bangers to your rescue. Terp Slurp Dab nail brings an exciting setup to your dabbing session. In this article, you will learn about Terp Slurp Dab Nail, its usage & cleaning process. 

What is a terp slurp dab nail?

Terp Slurp dab nail belongs to the category of quartz bangers. The terp slurper consumes all the hot oil poured on the dish inside the tube via small slits in the quartz. As a result, it swirls towards the upward region of the tube and into all sides of terp pearls leading to a spiralling effect. Terp Slurp Quartz Banger helps in delivering enhanced dab circulation sessions. This way, you can fully enjoy flavours & have more enormous hits eliminating the need to reheat or overheat nails. It’s entirely decorated with marbles & terp pearls that further assist in emitting top-notch air circulation, heat distribution, and flavours. 

As far as the size of a Terp Slurp Dab Nail is concerned, it’s enormous compared to the average banger. If you notice closely, the shape of a Terp Slurper Quartz Banger resembles that of a traditional banger. It has a small tube covered with a dish & slits that eventually helps settle the concentrate to the bottom of the tube. Generally, before initiating the process of heating a banger, you need to put Terp pearls in it & you will have a marble or a  carb cap for covering its topmost region. It acts as a shield & helps the better airflow of concentrates. 

How to use a terp slurper quartz banger? 

Initiate the process by adding terp pearls at the quartz banger’s base. Let them settle & close the tube’s opening part with marble to ensure even heating of concentrate within the tube. Use a torch to start the banger heating process & prefer terp slurp nail for extended heating for 1 minute to 1.5 minutes. The digital thermometer is advised for measuring the ideal temperature of the dish to dab, making the terp slurper work to its optimal level. To avoid dab from burning, prefer 525 to 600°F else, wait for 50 sec – 1 min. 

At the base of the banger, use a big glob of concentrate for the dish portion. Once you inhale, you will find the concentrate accumulation dancing within the tube & dish. The glob stays warm while dragging the rig & you will find warm terp pearls plus concentrate swirling across the inner region. Exhale while enjoying a smoking session & let the terp slurp nail cool down before you wash it. 

How to clean a terp slurper? 

You have to follow the following steps to clean a terp slurper –

  • Withdraw the marbles & terp pearls from the slurper once it has cooled down. Ensure it’s cool enough to touch; otherwise, it will break. 
  • Please put them in isopropyl alcohol & let them soak entirely for a few minutes. 
  • Pick a dab cloth, cotton swab, or wipes & use it to clean every part of the nail. Make sure to cleanse the banger, dish, bottom slits, & everything present in the tube. 
  • Keep adding the isopropyl alcohol to ensure the terp slurper is clean thoroughly.  
  • The Terp slurper is all clean enough for pursuing the next dabbing session. 

You now have a brief idea about the Terp Slurper Quartz Bangers. Add the stylish accessory to your smoking session and see how it changes your whole game. We are the leading supplier of Terp Slurp Dab Nail with the promised quality. Our products are durable & worth the investment. Explore our main website to find the best match of Terp Slurper Quartz Bangers for you!