What is a Fully Welded Banger?

Some people say that when it comes to choosing the perfect banger, you have to consider the style, the size, and the material, but something we often don’t think of is its construction – primarily, how it’s welded. If you’re ready to find out what it means to go with a fully welded banger, it’s time to take a closer look.

What’s the Difference?

A banger is made up of several parts that are connected to each other through a welding process. There are a couple of different types of welds: standard and fully welded (or fully fused). Fully welded or as some also call have no visible seam on the banger – the connections are seamless. Alternatively, the cheaper choice is a standard seam, visible by the crease on the banger connection points.

Here is why a full weld is what most dabbers choose:

  • Durability – Seamless bangers are more durable and of better quality. In standard welds, cracks will eventually appear in a seam.
  • Strength – Fully welded bangers are stronger and better constructed. Welds with seams weaken the integrity of the banger and are prone to break. If you drop a standard weld, it is likely to break at the connection points.
  • Heat Retention –  Heat spreads more evenly over seamless quartz as opposed to a seam. This means your window for dabbing at optimal temperature is much shorter and leads to more waste.
  • Style – With no seam, your banger has a better overall aesthetic appearance. It will be obvious you didn’t buy the cheapest option!

Now that you know to choose a fully welded quartz banger, let’s take a look at some common fully welded quartz banger styles available.

Traditional Bucket Bangers

If you’ve always been curious about concentrates and are looking for a simple yet effective way to dab on the go, bucket bangers might be for you. Since they just work so well, they’re a no-brainer. They look like buckets with a flat bottom and a flat top or an angled top. The flat-top banger is more popular nowadays as there are a host of accessories compatible with flat-fop bangers, such as bubble caps, spinner caps, etc. Because of their design, they’re easy to clean as well, which is always a nice touch.

Terp Slurper Bangers

Terp slurpers are a newer style of banger that are quickly gaining popularity, due to the flavor-enhancing properties of the banger. Terp slurpers allow you to achieve low-temperature dabs without wasting your concentrates by utilizing the physics of vaporization. In other words, the design maximizes your dab and reduces waste. Unlike traditional quartz nails, the terp slurper has a bottom dish that connects to a narrower middle section via angled air slits so that the oil can move freely up the walls and back down into the dish—creating a vacuum effect that keeps the oil in motion. This feature is how the terp slurper got its name: on every inhale you slurp the oil upwards from the bottom dish. There are several styles of terp slurpers and accessories allowing you to fully customize and upgrade your set up. While terp slurpers are more complicated than other bangers, they are always our preferred choice!

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Samurai Blenders

The Samurai Blender is a newer style of quartz banger that functions almost like a refined terp slurper. The bottom dish connects to the middle section via angled air slits (or channels) so that oil can move freely up the walls and back down into the dish. The design of the base combined with the tall narrow walls creates a centrifuge of force upon inhaling, pushing your concentrates up the walls. In contrast to the terp slurper base, the Samurai Blenders have several tiny channel slits that feed into the main bucket for an effortless pull.

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Opaque Quartz

The newer trend in seamless bangers is opaque quartz or nucleated quartz bangers. Opaque quartz is nucleated with pockets of gas which give it its opaque appearance. This nucleation allows the quartz banger to heat up faster and hold heat longer for more efficient and pure vaporization. Opaque quartz is great for newbies and seasoned dabbers alike.

Diamond Knot Bangers

Diamond knot bangers are innovatively designed to be used without a carb cap/marble. If you don’t like to clean your banger, this may be the style for you as it is intended to be cleaned by torching off the excess. This banger does not have any complimentary accessories so simply place your dab on the top and let the banger do the work! Great for those who want a simple banger that doesn’t require capping or cleaning.

Auto-Spinner Bucket Bangers

An Auto Spinner is a traditional bucket-style with holes on the side to automatically spin your pearls without a carb cap. Just add some terp pearls, top with a marble, and watch your pearls spin. We love the simplicity of this design and know you will too!

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Which Banger Style is Right for You?

There are a lot of great bangers on today’s market because they’ve been inspired by the popularity of dabbing. Whatever banger design you decide to go with, remember that a banger that’s not a seamless, full weld design is less likely to last and satisfy your needs, which is why you want to consider getting a durable, sturdy, and reliable banger in the first place.