Smokers are aware of the dabbing process and understand that dab rigs are a promising alternative for consumption as it provides flavourful hits. Choosing the proper banger & selecting the appropriate dab rig is equally important. Never underestimate the power of a banger, as it is an essential part of smoking and decides how the entire smoking experience will be ahead. A banger is solely responsible for specifying the smoothness of hits, the ideal temperature, and flavourful concentrates. There are various types of bangers you will find, but not everyone has all such properties and benefits. The people have only one option in mind when wanting all of these advantages in one package & that is Quartz bangers. In this article, you will learn why dabbing with quartz bangers is a promising consumption method.

What is Quartz Banger? 

Quartz bangers are a type of dab nail, and to make it, we use a single piece of Quartz crystal. It’s generally used for heating the concentrate and releasing the flavourful vapour towards your mouth from the water pipe. This type of concentrated Nail is considered highly effective compared to other heating alternatives. Dabbing with Quartz Bangers is chemically inactive because of their inert & nonporous nature that prevents the entrance of unwanted flavours from going to your mouth. It also safeguards the quality of concentrate that the low-quality ceramic glass would have soaked up. 

Why Are Quartz Bangers Good?

Quartz bangers are considered good because they possess all the positive qualities of Titanium bangers and heat retention capabilities—quartz bangers also have the best material and design that makes them withstand various heat temperatures. If you look at it physically, it will appear like glass, but its quality is way better than glass. Dabbing with Quartz Bangers also provides significant relief to smokers by giving them a flavourful response & maintaining high-end durability when performing dabs. 

Benefits of Quartz Bangers

Here are the top benefits of Dabbing with Quartz Bangers –

  1. Highly Durable: Quartz is considered to have long-lasting ting material properties making it work well for years.  It doesn’t explode or shatter when it comes in contact with high heat. It would help to clean a quartz banger from the inside and outside after using it. Also, keep in mind the post-usage maintenance to make it work smoothly for a more extended period. 
  1. Heat Retention: The potential heat properties of a quartz banger are superior to any other banger.  Smokers can heat it for 60 seconds, having a temperature between 450 to 700°F, to get the desired results. Quartz banger doesn’t lose heat in a single Dab and stays for multiple dabs. Retouching is not required here, making the dabbing process stay prolonged.
  1. Best Flavor: It doesn’t oxidize by releasing foul-smelling chemical gasses & keeps the flavour at its optimum level. The best flavour is one of the motivations that makes smokers choose the dab tool compared to other smoking alternatives like titanium nails or glass nails. Quartz bangers are the number one quality dab nails used with cannabis concentrates. Its thick structure can maintain a temperature to yield a natural flavour. 

Quartz Bangers has a unique design that helps in providing the best flavour. They are naturally thick, which makes them last for an extended period. With its best features, it can handle heat & low temperatures. All such properties of Quartz Bangers make them exceptional & widely accepted in comparison to other nail types. We provide top-notch Quartz Bangers to make your smoking adventure miraculous. In every smoke session, you get a passionate, hassle-free, and efficient dab experience. Contact us today to get find the best Quartz Bangers for yourself.