Tall Samurai Quartz Banger


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(14 customer reviews)

The Tall Samurai has arrived…By increasing the height and reducing the tube diameter, we found a perfect balance between form and function. The increased wall height stops your concentrates from being sucked down the joint and provides more surface area so that you can easily achieve low temperatures, allowing you to truly #tasteyourterps.


  • Height: 60mm
  • Bucket Diameter:18mm
  • Wall Thickness: 2.5mm
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  • Individually hand-made with 100% GE214 quartz
  • Seamless/Full Welds
  • Beveled Edge
  • Frosted Joint

In contrast to other banger styles, you can place your carb cap on before placing the dab in the bottom dish.

Recommended Caps: A cap without airflow (ie. marble)  is recommended but bubble or directional caps will work. Because the banger has air slits, a carb cap with airflow is not needed and will provide a different hit than when capped with a marble.

Note: Marble and Pearl set NOT included!!


We recommend cleaning your quartz banger and inserts after every dab. Although you can simply wipe down the banger with a dry or alcohol-soaked q-tip, for terp slurpers and other more complex banger styles we recommend soaking your banger and inserts in a jar filled with alcohol. The ISO soak method is our personal favorite as it is the easiest way to clean up a large dab and also allows you to rotate between bangers without worrying about cleaning in between dabs.

WARNING: Do not submerge hot banger, terp pearls, marbles, or pillars into a cold solvent (eg. isopropyl alcohol) as items crack due to thermal shock. Allow to cool down to the touch before submerging or just clean with a dry cotton swab while hot. We are not responsible for items damaged due to not following cleaning procedures.


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14 reviews for Tall Samurai Quartz Banger

  1. chriscotilla (verified owner)

    The quality on this banger is top notch! Super clean and functions like crazy. This is hands down my favorite nail.

  2. chriscotilla (verified owner)

    I really like this banger a lot, the function is awesome…..I had to get a second one! Terporium rocks! 👍🏼👍🏼

  3. kkhogan09 (verified owner)

    I love this tall samurai. Dish is great, with all the inlets, it makes the function really good. And you can levetate a valve marble! Your friends will think you’re a Jedi! Check out the function on the tall samurai on the terporium ig. This is for sure my favorite slurper/blender!

  4. Jay Rutherford (verified owner)

    I have tried so many bangers like this and this is the only one in my line up still! Highly recommended

  5. Adam Young (verified owner)

    Accidentally broke the first before using it, but I couldn’t miss out so I re ordered it later and I’m not disappointed in the product, just myself!

  6. Jessy Moore (verified owner)

    Def love the function on the Tall Samurai (blender) another one of my daily drivers! 🔥🔥

  7. s359284 (verified owner)

    Thus far my favorite among the blenders, especially for small to medium dabs. Faceted wins for big globs on heat retention, while the tall boy takes it for milky rips and virtually no waste. It would probably excel on larger loads as well; I just use the faceted for that so that reheating is a concern that never enters the room. At the point of completion it would probably take some extra precautions for me to use the torch again. Added bonus it’s super easy to clean.

  8. daniellemartin1218 (verified owner)

    Gorgeous, no flaws, rips like a gem!

  9. OlPlainface (verified owner)

    I got this with the chain combo and I absolutely love it. Much easier to clean than my v2 slurper with mushroom and pearl set. I just have to lift the chain off and clean with a q tip after each hit instead of having to dump quartz pieces onto the table. 100% recommend

  10. Samuel Dierke (verified owner)

    I have had this banger for over a year now with well over 500+ uses and it still retains heat just like it did on day one. Thick pillars also work really well to really enhance your hit!

  11. xwhitex1994 (verified owner)

    Flawless function

  12. Miguel Santos (verified owner)

    Awesome banger hands down one of the best!

  13. Robert Bailey (verified owner)

    Love it, perfect.

  14. zkb0586 (verified owner)

    I love it

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